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Your gateway to a Yuletide
as it was celebrated before patriarchy

It was Yuletide,
that man has come to call Christmas,
though in their hearts they know
that it is older than Bethlehem and Babylon,
older than Memphis and mankind itself.

–H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937)

The twelve Midwinter nights are traditionally a magical and sacred time dedicated to the Great Goddess, in which people fast and celebrate, look back and foretell.

It is a time to release, to clear the ballast of the old year and to relax. In the waxing light and growing power of the reborn sun, it is also a time to illuminate and affirm your intentions for the new year.



Secrets of the Yuletide Nights

In this remarkable book you will discover old, matriarchal traditions, customs, stories and spells, that in this modern age especially, make you feel awake, meaningful and fulfilled.

This is complemented by practical tips and exercises to help you make each Yule night enchanting and sacred, and prepare vibrationally for the New Year.

A valuable companion for the most beautiful time of the year, to be used year after year.

  • High quality hardcover
  • Full colour with beautiful images
  • 112 pages with enthralling, old knowledge, rituals and exercises for the Yule nights, and explanation on how to use the predictive quality of the Wicke days
  • Includes free Lady Hulda Yule Journey worth £ 7,95 (download)

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Yuletide Journal

With the exercises, introspection and rituals in this journal/workbook you receive the tools to invite and use the enchantment of Yuletide in your own life.

This journal gives you a powerful energetic framework to close off the old, and shape the new year. You create an energetic grid, and every practice and every ritual adds pure, intentional energy to it.

Each Yule night builds on the previous one, allowing you to charge your personal blueprint for the coming year.

The Yuletide Journal offers you a beautiful process of transformation.
  • Full colour with beautiful images
  • Includes free Yulespread for tarot
  • Includes free "Our Innocent Children Ritual" ebook
  • Plus free ebook with two decoded Goddess tales
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The Norns and your fate

In addition to Goddess Hulda, three other female Goddesses were revered throughout Northern Europe, and as far as the Balkans: the Norns.

They spun the thread of life and determined the fate of every man, and every Goddess and God.

They carved this fate in Runes on Yggdrasil – the tree of life – and so the magic language of the runes was used to communicate with the Norns to obtain information about what lies ahead.

The Norns and your fate reveals how you can communicatie with these Goddesses of Fate.
  • Booklet
  • Full colour
  • 28 pages
  • With free PDF download to create your own runes
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Hansel and Gretel decoded

• Why mothers (not evil stepmothers) send their children away
• How babies used to be initiated
• Discover which part in you, Hansel or Gretel, hushes the other
• The true meaning of the oven
• Many more Goddess' teachings of growth and transformation

PLUS –in a few days time– the Goddess Hulda Yule Meditation that enables you to get a glimpse of your future and cleanses your vibration!
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Vrouw Holle Yulereis
In the midst
of winter,
I found
there was,
within me,
an invincible summer.

–Albert Camus (1913-1960)

The enchanted nights
The nights of Yuletide are also called smoke night, or rough nights. They are the nights between the years, nobody's time, a mystical time of passing. The Sun, Mother Earth, evens us mortals, seem enchanted. The word Yule derives from the old German Jehwl, and means spell, incantation or enchantment. The Yuletide nights are thus 'enchanted nights'.

The Wicke days
Apart from the rituals and customs during the nights, the days during Yuletide have a special, predictive power. These days are called Wicke days. The verb 'wicke' means to forecast or predict. In the workbook you can journal the events and occurences during a Wicke day, and thus get insights into the quality of, and the events and occurences in the months that lie ahead.

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Yuletide Nights

The book
price £ 14,99

Includes: • Lady Hulda Yule Journey • First Advent list

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Yuletide Journal

The journal
price £ 9,99

Includes: • Two Midwintertales including the decoding of the Goddess' esoteric teachings • Yule Tarot Spread • Guided Yule Meditation • Innocent Children Ritual

The Yule Kit

The book, the journal and the booklet
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Secrets of the Yuletide Nights and the Yuletide Journal
are published by Palaysia Publishers, Kidderminster